Terms and Conditions

Below are the Terms and Conditions for business interaction with TAGS Graphics LLC. For questions about the following, please email shauger@tagsgraphics.com Revised 1/23/21.

I. Shipping

A. Carriers. Shipping through the United States Postal Service (USPS).

  • USPS:Priority Mail is the only shipping option available from the United States Post Office. Transit times posted to a customer’s order for Priority Mail are provided by USPS as estimated times and are not guaranteed. The Post Office reserves up to 15 days from time of shipment to complete the delivery per USPS policy. Click here for a map of USPS Priority estimated transit times.

Shippable orders will receive via email a tracking number corresponding to the recipient’s carrier within 24 business hours. Orders consisting of multiple packages may have separate tracking numbers. Selected shipping methods cannot be changed while a package is in transit.

B. Add-Ons. The following guidelines are in effect to prevent processing errors and ensure all orders are processed accurately and on time.

  • Items cannot be added to an order once the order is submitted, even if the order is yet to be shipped. Special requests by phone or email are not acceptable.
  • Two or more submitted orders cannot be combined while in the processing queue.

To cancel an order before it is shipped, contact shauger@tagsgraphics.com and the warehouse manager may cancel the order if the order is still in process. Note that refunds may take several days or more and are subject to the card holder’s bank policy and processing procedures. Please see REFUNDS AND RETURNS for more details.

C. Free Shipping. Free shipping is offered on certain items such as specific starter kits, which are indicated in the product description, and may also be available during specified periods on limited products. All offers on free shipping apply exclusively to the 48 contiguous states within the U.S. and will be shipped via USPS Ground. Free shipping does not apply on orders to Alaska, Hawaii, U.S. territories, or any international destinations outside the United States.

D. Delayed Shipment Due to Unforeseen Causes. Various circumstances involving USPS may cause delays in shipment, including but not limited to weather delays, acts of God, mechanical issues, accidents, and the like. Such circumstances are outside TAGS Graphics LLC control and most often cannot be resolved by TAGS Graphics LLC personnel. As a courtesy, TAGS Graphics LLC may reship the order. All decisions to reship an order are ultimately subject to the discretion of the acting TAGS Graphics LLC Warehouse Manager as TAGS Graphics LLC is not obliged to resend the item after it has been shipped.

E. Delayed Shipment or Missing Items Due to TAGS Graphics LLC Error. For shipments delayed in transit due to an error on the part of TAGS Graphics LLC personnel, arrangements will be made by TAGS Graphics LLC to immediately reship the order at no cost to the customer if the error cannot be resolved in transit. Likewise, paid items missing from an order will be immediately reshipped at no cost. All reshipped orders will be mailed using the same method as the original order. TAGS GRAPHICS LLC will not compensate customers for reported economic losses due to delayed shipments other than excess shipping costs resulting from the error.

F. Delayed Shipment Due to Customer Error. If shipment is delayed due to incorrect information provided by the customer (e.g. invalid shipping address), TAGS GRAPHICS LLC can reship the order, if necessary, at the expense of the customer. Additionally, packages may be held on TAGS GRAPHICS LLC premises in the event a customer’s address cannot be verified before it is shipped. The package will remain with TAGS GRAPHICS LLC until the customer provides a valid address by phone or email. TAGS GRAPHICS LLC will not be held responsible for any costs associated with such a delay.

G. Delayed Shipment Due to High Order Volume. Shipments may be delayed due to high order volume. These delays commonly take place during special deals and promotions offered by TAGS GRAPHICS LLC. These delays are not a guaranteed occurrence; however, they do occur occasionally. TAGS GRAPHICS LLC prioritizes orders on a “first come, first serve” basis and will ship orders out in the order they are received. TAGS GRAPHICS LLC is not obligated to reprioritize orders in any way.

II. Refunds and Returns

A. Tangible Items.Physical products such as rhinestones, rhinestone template material, vinyl, etc. may be returned new and unused within 30 days of purchase. A twenty-five percent restocking fee may apply. However, Pre-Cut Templates cannot be returned after purchase.

B. Software or Download Items.Due to the nature of downloads, in that, they can be replicated onto multiple devices and often cannot be easily or thoroughly removed, all sales are final on software and download items, including but not limited to, Design Downloads, Fundraising Packs, and Digital media (Audio or Video).

C. Damaged Items. If a customer receives an order and one or more of the contents are damaged, the customer may either coordinate an exchange with TAGS GRAPHICS LLC for a replacement of the same item as the one that was damaged or return the item and receive a refund for the item. To submit a claim for a damaged item, customers must email shauger@tagsgraphics.com with a description and photo evidence of the damage. Any damaged or defective items must be reported to TAGS GRAPHICS LLC within 30 days of receiving it.

D. Refund Processing. When a customer is eligible for a refund, TAGS GRAPHICS LLC will initiate the refund process either by granting the customer store credit in the refund amount or by refunding the payment method used in the transaction. Note that credit card refunds may take longer than expected and are subject solely to the customer’s bank policy. Once a refund is issued, TAGS GRAPHICS LLC possesses no control over the speed or lack thereof with which funds are transferred and bears no responsibility for funds delayed or held by the customer’s bank.

E. Voucher Codes. Coupon and voucher codes distributed by TAGS GRAPHICS LLC to customers are only eligible for use up to a year after the creation of the code. A coupon or voucher code that has not been used within a year of receipt by the customer will be deemed invalid and not accepted by TAGS Graphics LLC.

III. Product Production, Distribution, and Use

A. Pre-Cut Templates & Digital Artwork.

  • Pre-Cut Templates or Digital Artwork purchased from TAGS GRAPHICS LLC are to be used exclusively by the customer who purchases them. They cannot be shared, copied, or resold.
  • They must be used solely for the purpose of creating finished apparel or decal products. Transfers created in the apparel or decal production process cannot be sold or distributed to any business or third party.
  • Pre-Cut Templates take 1-3 business days to produce. This does not include mail time. If an order contains Pre-Cut Templates, the contents of the entire order will be held until the templates are completed. It is suggested to place a separate order for Pre-Cut Templates if other contents are included in the order and are needed sooner than the allotted Pre-Cut Template production time. Expedited production options are available for Pre-Cut Templates. Contact shauger@tagsgraphics.com for more information.
  • All sales on Pre-Cut Templates are final and non-refundable.

B. Custom Designs.

TAGS GRAPHICS LLC routinely services requests for custom artwork based on an image provided by the customer. If the image is copyrighted, written consent to use the image will be required from the owner in order to complete the service. All Custom Design Requests must follow the process outlined below. Requests cannot be completed by phone.

  • Customers who wish to submit a Custom Design Request must fill out the designated form on the TAGS GRAPHICS LLC website and include an image of the design along with other specifications pertaining to the design.
  • A minimum quote fee of $1 will be required when submitting a Custom Design Request. Once the fee is paid, TAGS GRAPHICS LLC will review the image and determine whether it can be converted into the desired artwork and the price for the artwork will be communicated to the customer. The design price varies based on size, quantity of stones, number of stone colors, and other factors related to the complexity of the design.
  • Once the design price is paid, production will begin on the design. Upon completion, the finished design will be emailed in one of the following formats based on the customer’s preference: CDR, EPS, or SVG.
  • The chart below lists the quote time, production time, and fee for each level of service pertaining to Custom Design Requests. Note that these times may change in the event that TAGS GRAPHICS LLC needs more information to complete a request and the customer does not provide the information in a timely manner. TAGS GRAPHICS LLC assumes no responsibility for reported economic losses or inconveniences due to such delays.
Quote Time Production Time Fee
Standard Quote 4-6 business days 5-7 business days $1
Priority Quote 2 business days 3-5 business days $11
Urgent Quote 1 business day 1-2 business days $26

*Add Mock-Up for $4

C. Fundraising Packets.

  • Fundraising Packets are for the benefit of the TAGS GRAPHICS LLC customer who purchased them only. They may be edited and customized to fit the customer’s needs but may not be shared, copied, or resold.

IV. Warranty and Support

A. Placing an Order

  • TAGS GRAPHICS LLC processes orders exclusively through its online web-store and accepts credit card and PayPal payment methods. Order by phone or email is unavailable. Payment by check is not accepted.

B. Tax Exemption

  • Customers who qualify for tax exemption must email a copy of their tax certificate to shauger@tagsgraphics.com. The 9 digit zip code on the tax certificate must exactly match the zip code used upon checkout on the TAGS GRAPHICS LLC website to validate and apply the tax exemption.

C. Social Media

  • TAGS GRAPHICS LLC reserves the right to moderate and censor when necessary any of its social media outlets, forums, or publicly available modes of communication against obscenity, inappropriate content, or self-promotion. The moderation of all questionable content will be ultimately subject to the discretion of TAGS GRAPHICS LLC. Repeated offenders may be blocked from participation in the aforementioned communications.

D. Promotions

  • Unless otherwise stated, coupon codes are valid one time per customer. Coupons are not valid with special offers, promotions, or reduced price offers. Coupon valid through specified expiration date and management is not required to extend beyond this date. Management reserves the right to modify or cancel any promotion at any time and reason. Promotions limited to stock on hand. Material promotions not valid on equipment, platens, starter kits, or software. Individual design promotions not valid on artwork. Sales tax still applies during duration of any and all promotions. Contact TAGS GRAPHICS LLC Support for more information at shauger@tagsgraphics.com.